War of the Keepers

War of the Keepers will be held on Saturday.
Scoring System
414.jpgA Keeper can score by: Throwing, drop kick, punting, place kick, and on a rebound from other goalie. Keepers cannot run, dribble or carry the ball forward in any way. You are allowed three steps to score, all rebounds are live.
Goal Kick or Throw
When the ball crosses the goal line, after being last touched by the defending keeper, it is put into play by the attacking goalie, with a goal kick or a goal throw. Goal kicks or goal throws must be taken from the goal line.
Points System
420.jpg5 Points for a victory.
2 Points for a tie.
0 Points for a loss.
1. Head to head competition.
2. Goals against.
3. Goals for.
4. Playoff.
If a game ends in a tie during the playoff, there will be two (1) minute overtime halfs. If the tie still exist at the end of overtime, we will go to penalty kicks. Each keeper will take three penalty kicks. If still tied we will go to sudden death until one keeper wins.
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Times:    Girls and Boys  U7-U8         5:30pm
                                        U9-U10       6:00pm
                                        U11-U12     6:30pm
                                        U13-14       5:30pm
                                        U15-16       6:00pm
                                        U17-U19     6:30pm

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