Frequently Asked Questions.

Do we need to Check-In team at the hotel?

Yes, absolutely no exceptions and no check in at the fields.

How many loan/guest players can we have.

You can have unlimited loan players.
Teams ages U8-U9 can have up to 11 players on the roster.
Teams ages U10-U15 can have up to 18 players on the roster.
Teams ages U16 
older can have as many as 22 players on the roster (only 18 can dress for the game)
Loan papers will not be required for players within CYSA-SOUTH. All other States must have the appropriate loan players.

Are Travel Papers required.

Teams outside of CYSA-SOUTH must have approved travel papers from their own State Association which must include a roster listing all the players authorized to travel. US Club Soccer teams do not need to provide travel papers.

Where is the Tournament Headquarter located.

The tournament headquarter’s is located at 4S Ranch Sport Complex this is the location of our Village. At the Village you can enjoy the many activities we offer throughout the weekends of play. Here we will host the War of the Keepers.

Do I get a refund if there is a team missing from my bracket, causing me to only have 2 games?

Yes, you will get $150 refund.

Where can we find the scores.

Scores can be obtained via the Field Marshalls at fields. They can also be view on line at “Click on Schedules and Scores”. If you have a a phone with text ability, you can have Gotsoccer send you scores via text.


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